Christmas Party Menu

 $38 per person

Green salad; Fresh mixed green, cucumber, carrot, grape tomatoes, mixed bell pepper with the option of any of the following dressings. Basil vinaigrette, and creamy lemon aioli

Dinner Roll; Assorted bread roll

Turkey Roulade; Turkey breast marinated and infused with German herbs and wrap around sauté vegetable and pork. German cuisine

Beef Roast; Beef prime ribs, carefully aged and slowly roasted with spices and herb to perfection. Western influence

Mash Potatoes; Icelandic Creamy smooth potatoes style

Yorkshire Pudding; England classic traditional Christmas baked pastry

Roasted Vegetable; Assorted vegetable infused with lemon, herb and spices. Greek Christmas cooking

Fried Rice; Sauté rice and vegetable cooked in African Christmas style

Turkey Stuffing; Local Canadian grandma turkey stuffing recipe

Cranberry sauce; Classic North American traditional cranberry sauce

Turkey Gravy; Irish white wine turkey gravy

Demi-Glace; French red wine veal sauce

Pudding; British warm date chocolate sticky toffee pudding

Cheesecake; Assorted Christmas cheesecake

Bigne; Italian choux pastry filled with custard

  Coffee and Tea